Richmond gets roughed up

Thursday, March 19, 2009  |  by 

Scott Richmond was touched for 3 runs, but his only big mistake was tossing at meatball to Jason Werth in 7th inning which sailed clear over the outfield fence. That 3-run shot could have easily been avoided, but Cody Haerther dropped what would’ve been the third out, which eventually led to Werth’s moon shot. Not surprisingly, Richmond wasn’t too happy about his outing. Here’s an except from Wilner’s latest blog post that pretty much sums up how it went:
“Richmond was furious when he came back into the clubhouse after his 2 1/3 inning stint, firing his glove into his locker from across the room before going back outside to get his running in … He also mentioned that he could have gotten out of the 7th with a well-placed ground ball, as opposed to the one that Werth hit about 420 feet.”
Let’s also keep in mind that Scott Richmond hadn’t pitched in a spring training game for over 2 weeks. After sitting on the bench for that long, he’s bound to be a little rusty. Luckily, Scotty will get a chance at redemption because he’s slotted to follow Matt Clement on Sunday’s game versus the Minnesota Twins. One more bad start for Richmond, and he can probably kiss his chances of making the starting rotation goodbye.


  1. If Richmond misses out on the rotation do you think he'll still make the club as a long reliever?

  2. Personally, I dont think so. He needs to get some innings in, and I'd rather see him pitching ~180 Innings in AAA, than 60-70 in the MLB as a long reliever.

    If he can post up an ERA between 4 and 5, he deserves to spend his with the big league club. I'd rather see him around with Halladay and Arnsberg, but he needs to earn it.

  3. It isn't the end of the world.

    Scott's got to learn to keep his composure. I think he's still going to break camp.

  4. I could see him in a long relief role. It's not like he's a top prospect, and he is fairly effective at the major league level already. I doubt he has much more upside than a solid long reliever/first choice spot starter.

  5. To be fair, that is a good point.

    He's not exactly going to benefit from more innings, and I think he's going to get better just by learning from Halladay and Arnsberg.

    .....They call me the flip flopper

  6. Good question, Matthias. I think on any other team in the AL, Richmond slots in as a long/middle relief guy. But it looks like the bullpen spots will be hard to come by. Ryan, Downs, Carlson and Tallet are basically guaranteed spots. Then there's League and Accardo, so the pen is pretty crowded as is. If Richmond doesn't make the rotation, then I don't think he can crack the 25-man roster.

    Maybe later on in the season, Richmond could be this year's version of John Parrish.

  7. 4 Ks, 1 walk, and one very expensive beach ball. Could've been worse, I guess. I think the koolaid needs a little vodka.

  8. Good idea LJ, I think the vodka is moreso for us and not Richmond. It helps numb the pain ...

  9. Missing a pitch inside by an inch and getting it hammered, doesn't automatically make him a bum in my book. If it wasn't for the 3 run dinger, we'd all be saying it was a pretty decent outing. As Richmond stated, "Sometimes you've gotta tip your hat to the batter."
    I realize that proven veterans have a long rope, and rookies have a short string, but to put things in perspective a little, on Monday, Doc gave up 3 long balls, and that didn't set off any alarm bells. We're told that he was working on a few things? Stuff happens; lets hope he is solid again on Sunday and settles everyone's feathers.

  10. You make a good point Renaissance Man, Halladay has paid his dues and allowed to have a bad outing here and there. Unfortunately for the guys like Clement, Richmond, and Mills, they need to make a good impression from the start.

    After all, the season is a marathon is a marathon, not a sprint. But the arms that make it out of the gate the fastest will probably earn their way onto the starting rotation.


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