A salute to our fellow countrymen

Thursday, March 5, 2009  |  by 

Is it possible that Canada’s version of “Miracle on Ice” could happen this weekend? We’ll only be hoping that lightning can strike twice and that Team Canada can upset Team USA at the World Baseball Classic again this Saturday.

The pitching matchup will be of David and Goliath proportions as Mike Johnson goes up against Team USA’s ace, Jake Peavy. You may remember Mike Johnson from his outing on Wednesday against the Phillies where he gave up 2 hits and 1 run in 2/3 inning of work. Not that bad considering he had just got off the plane after a 21 hour flight from Japan, in which he watched Full House seasons 1 through 3.

Scott Richmond will likely be saved for Monday’s game versus either Italy or Venezuela if Canada loses to the USA on Saturday. The biggest hurdle for Team Canada will obviously be Saturday’s game, but if they can survive it past the weekend then Canada will have already exceeded most people’s expectations. A win this weekend will buy them some time in the WBC, but two wins will secure a spot in the next round.

I wish the best of luck to our fellow countrymen, and Godspeed against Team USA.

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