Televised Baseball returns!

Monday, March 2, 2009  |  by 

After almost four months without a frame of live televised baseball, we can finally bask in baseball glory when "Canada's Team" takes on Team Canada tomorrow at the Jays home field in Dunedin Florida.

Scott Richmond Kool-Aid will be served up once again as he pitches against the very team he's hoping to win a starting rotation spot with. No official word on who will start for the Blue Jays, but I imagine it will either Brian Bullington or Matt Clement, since both Romero and Cecil already pitched earlier today against the Phillies.

I'm not quite sure what Team Canada's starting lineup looks like, but it would be cool to see Matt Stairs back again on the same field as the Blue Jays. Oh yeah, and Corie Koskie - remember that guy? I guess he just signed a minor league deal with the Chicago Cubs. Maybe with Corie's side-affects from his concussion a few years ago, you'd think he'd want to take it easy if he just inked a deal with the Cubbies. But I guess he had already committed to Team Canada, but it was good to hear that the Beej withdrew his name from the Team USA roster after he got lit up on Saturday for 4 runs.

Be sure to check out The Blue Jay Hunter tomorrow starting at 1:00pm, I'll be doing a live blog of the Team Canada vs. The Blue Jays. Hope to see you all tomorrow afternoon for this year's first televised Blue Jays game. Get you drinks ready!


  1. Should be a doozy tomorrow. Hope you're feeling better after the surgery, mate.

    Are you going to the WBC? I'm going to be living at the Rog over the weekend.

  2. Thanks brother, I'm looking forward to it!

    No, unfortunately no WBC for me on Saturday. I have a bus trip to Niagara Falls on Saturday, but will be listening to the game in my headphones for sure. I hope you have a great time, say hi to the Whitt for me!


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