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Friday, March 13, 2009  |  by 

We received some good and bad news on the pitching front earlier this week. The good news is that it looks like Shaun Marcum is ahead of schedule, and could possibly return in August. I’m not getting my hopes up because Tommy John surgery usually takes 12-14 months of rehabilitation before big league play. If Shaun does make it back this year, I will be pleasantly surprised.

The bad news is that Dustin McGowan’s injury appears to be worse than anticipated. The Jays were thinking he might return to the rotation somewhere around June-July, but there is a possibility we might not come back until next season. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for good news about McGowan and Marcum.

I haven’t been to Toronto since last season, but apparently Big League Stew noticed that the Rogers Centre still has two giant pictures of A.J. Burnett and Gregg Zaun on the side of the dome. My suggestion - tear down the pictures and sell them at the Jays shop for 10 bucks a pop. I’m sure there’s somebody out there that could find a good use for a giant A.J. Burnett decal.

To add insult to injury, our boy Scott Richmond returned to Blue Jays camp on Wednesday only to find a Team Italy cap in his locker. If it were me, I would’ve gone all Rick Vaughn on their asses a la Major League and torn down the locker room. Hopefully Richmond will channel his frustrations into some solid pitching, as he has a minor league game later today.

Our friends Eyebleaf from Sports and the City and Stephen from Searching for '93 are putting it all on the line this season in a very interesting wager. After looking at all the categories, it's tough to say who has the edge in the over/under, but it should be interesting to see who wins. The stakes are hilarious by the way, check out the podcast to find out more.

You may have noticed that I’ve done a little bit of housekeeping on the blog. You’ll now notice a super handy-dandy menu bar up at the top with links to separate pages. This should make the site navigation a lot easier, because unfortunately blogger gives us very few options in site design. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. 23 DAYS til the playoff/glory run begins!

  2. Looks good Ian, you've done well in spite of Blogger's lameness.

  3. Andy, I looked at my calendar today and I was shocked when I realized how close Opening Day is. Thank god for that counter at the top of the page!

    Dave, thankfully there are some Blogger hackers out there who have found ways to break the mold of the "cookie-cutter" layouts and templates.

  4. Thx for the shoutout, Ian!

    And am digging the new menu bar.

  5. No problem man, I enjoyed the podcast! Glad you like the menu bar, it looks like it took 2 minutes to make but was actually hours of troubleshooting. I officially hate HTML.

  6. Don't waver... Predict a winner for our bet!

  7. I'll give the slight edge to EyeB: 6-4.


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