Whittling 40 down to 25

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In the next 3 weeks, the Toronto Blue Jays roster will shrink from 40 players to 25. All I can say is that I don’t envy Cito Gaston and the Blue Jays coaching staff. They have to make the tough decision of narrowing down the 40-man spring training roster to 25 players. Take a look below at who is basically a given for making the squad, and which players are still questionable for making the 25-man roster.

Pretty much guaranteed a spot on the roster:

Pitchers Hitters
Roy Halladay (SP)

Jesse Litsch (SP)

David Purcey (SP)

Jeremy Accardo (RP)

Jesse Carlson (RP)

Scott Downs (RP)

Jason Frasor (RP)

Brandon League (RP)

B.J. Ryan (RP)

Brian Tallet (RP)

Rod Barajas (C)

Lyle Overbay (1B)

Aaron Hill (2B)

Marco Scutaro (SS)

Scott Rolen (3B)

John McDonald (SS)

Travis Snider (LF/DH)

Adam Lind (LF/DH)

Vernon Wells (CF)

Alex Rios (RF/CF)

On the outside looking in:

Pitchers Hitters
Matt Clement (SP)

Scott Richmond (SP)

Brad Mills (SP)

Casey Janssen (RP)

Brian Wolfe (RP)

Curtis Thigpen (C)

Raul Chavez (C)

Jose Bautista (UTIL)

Kevin Millar (1B/DH)

Joe Inglett (UTIL)

Jason Lane (OF)

At this point, there are 20 roster positions that are basically locked up. That leaves only 5 places left on the team, and the Blue Jays still need to decide who’s going to take the 4th and 5th spot in the starting rotation, who’s going be backup catcher, and which combination of Millista and Joe Inglett will be the utility and bench players. If Vernon Wells is still injured, that might open the door for Jason Lane, but it all depends on Vernon’s progress.

I can see the Blue Jays bringing 2 of those pitchers (Clement/Richmond), and 3 of the hitters (Thigpen/Millar/Bautista). I asked Mike Wilner on his latest blog post about the backup catcher situation, and he thinks that Raul Chavez is the front-runner over Curtis Thigpen.

If the Jays wanted to make room for another arm in the bullpen, they could probably trade or designate Jason Frasor, as he seems like the most expendable person on that list. That could open up a spot for Casey Janssen on the roster. Cito said that he’ll have a pretty good idea by week’s end about what the starting rotation should look like. With so many rising young stars and talented veterans in the Toronto Blue Jays system, it will be interesting who the final 25 roster spots end up going to.


  1. I don't think JMac is safe at all,
    at least I hope not.

    I would take Millar/Bautista/Inglett/catcher over JMac/catcher/?/? anyday. he is terrible. And his defence has been bad too. He is worthless to this teamas long as Scutaro is healthy.

    It would be nice to keep Lane too, but he will be good insurance, as I think he is under minor league contract until June at least.

    I would consider taking Lane ahead of Millar, but Bautista is needed if JMac is cut. I say Bautista is the only lock out of the bench guys' race.

  2. Andy, I've got some bad news for you. J.P. wants J-Mac on the team, this was taken from the Toronto Sun:

    General manager J.P. Ricciardi, though, was quick to shoot that theory down. "Johnny Mac makes this team," he said.

    I'd prefer to see Lane too, but what can you do? If they like John McDonald, they like John McDonald. Personally, I think Inglett or Millar could offer more to the team.

  3. I know, I know. BTW, did you know that Adam Dunn doesn't even like baseball? Haha

  4. Where's Michael Barrett? I haven't been watching Spring Training but I kind of had expected him to be our starting catcher by season's end...

  5. Chris, up until today's game (he went 2 for 2 with 2 doubles) Barrett was hitting .167. He might just be back in the race now, but it's tough to say. I think he can climb his way back into contention though.

  6. Jmac should be replaced his defence is startin to fade and we all know that's all he has

  7. True - his defense in 2008 was not as good as 2007. I wouldn't be heartbroken if J-Mac was left behind, but I don't think Ricciardi would go for it.


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