Cito's Head-Scratcher

Monday, April 13, 2009  |  by 

I usually try not to over-criticize and nitpick at a coach’s particular decisions within the game, but Cito threw us a curveball yesterday. With runners on 1st and 2nd, Cito had Travis Snider lay down a bunt to advance the runners into scoring position. I know, it seems like a very odd decision to make. Why have Snider bunt, when he could blow the game wide open with an extra-base hit?

Asking Travis Snider to bunt is like going to a strip club, sitting in the back corner and ordering a water. Why pussy out when you can go for the big payoff?

It seems like last year we over-criticized John Gibbons for not playing enough small-ball, and here we are doing the same thing with Cito Gaston but for the opposite reason. Snider did what any good hitter at the bottom of the lineup would do, and sacrifice his at-bat so that the top of the lineup could drive home some runs. But shouldn’t Cito have a little more faith in The Franchise?


  1. In Cito's defense, it was a pretty bonerific bunt. And it's all about a team-first attitude, and Snider did the job, so I'm not going to all ape shit over this one.

    That bunt put us in position to get back into the game. Runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out; it just didn't work out.

    In Snider I trust. And in Cito I trust.

    First place. Go Jays.

  2. It's tough to criticize a decision like this. If he lets Snider hit, and grounds into a DP then we all say Cito should have told him to bunt. Don't forget he was facing a lefty, and I don't think Cito has a ton of confidence in The Franchise coming through in the clutch againstlefties yet.

  3. EyeB, it was a fantastic bunt. For someone who isn't exactly known for bunting, Snider did a great job.

    I'm not trying to critisize Cito, but it's just something to thing about. Heinsight is always 20/20 - woulda shoulda coulda, etc, etc.

    For some reason, if it were any other number 9 hitter I wouldn't question that decision, but since it's Snider it has people all up in arms about it.

  4. If he lets Snider hit, and grounds into a DP then we all say Cito should have told him to bunt.

    We may criticize Snider for not coming through with a hit, but I doubt many people would complain Snider should have bunted as the alternative. If anything, more Jays fans probably expect Snider to hit a home run every time up, since we have preconceptions about who should be a bunt guy a la Alfredo Griffin. But I agree with you about Cito not having full confidence with Snider just yet on his ability to hit left-handed hitting.

  5. I stand corrected, Snider should never bunt again... EVER

  6. Hell no. He bunted once on Sunday, that's enough for his career.


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