Good news, bad news

Wednesday, April 15, 2009  |  by 

Good news - Ricky Romero went 8 strong innings versus the twins.
Bad news - Aaron Hill bobbled a DP ball in the 4th, and it cost Romero.

Good news - Kevin Millar kept the Jays in the game with a huge catch.
Bad news - Millar couldn’t get the ball past Delmon Young in LF.

Good news - Vernon Wells actually came through with a clutch hit.
Bad news - Vernon Wells did not gauge the depth of that last hit very well.

Good news - Travis Snider is hitting .316.
Bad news - Sitting on the bench, Travis Snider still hitting .316.

Good news - Jesse Carlson busted himself out of another jam in the 10th.
Bad news - Cito kept him in the game for the 11th.

Good news - Brian Tallet will get his first start on Saturday vs. the Athletics.
Bad news - It’s because Jesse Litsch has been moved to the DL.

Good news - The Blue Jays are still 6-3.
Bad news - The Twins are now 4-5.


  1. I think the knocks on Vernon for that last ball are completely and totally ridiculous. That ball hit the wall. He's not getting to that ball. Period. Either is Rios.

  2. I can't remember which site I read it on (maybe the Score Live Blog, but somebody made the arguement that V-Dub should have been playing further back with 2 outs.

    If the ball dropped in front of him, then he has a chance to gun down Morneau at the plate - but if he plays it too shallow, then he either has to make the play off the wall or hope for a really really lucky bounce.

    Oh well, c'est la vie.


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