Off Day Live Chat

Sunday, April 19, 2009  |  by 

Can you believe that the Blue Jays have played for 2 weeks straight? With a rare day off tomorrow, I figured it's probably a good time to fire up the Live Chat once again. It all starts at 9pm EST on Monday night, and we'll tentatively chat till 10:30pm (maybe earlier or later depending on how it goes). Hope to see you guys back here Monday night at 9pm for another Blue Jays Live Chat!


  1. The more the merrier - hope you see you there, LJ!

  2. I'll try it if I'm, sounds like something I should be using at, thanks Ian for the heads up... I also see its a Toronto company, spitting distance from me.

  3. Sounds good, Captain! I didn't realize COVERITLIVE was a Canadian Company. Now that makes me love it even more!


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