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As if there weren’t enough ways to be distracted during the game, Sportsnet will be rolling out a special “Game in the Game” feature that will debut during Monday’s Opening Day. People can vote on the outcome of the game, who will score first, and which inning a streaker will run onto the fiel. I’m fine with this, so long as it isn’t one of those lame tickers that used to be on MuchMusic that tweens would use to say “OMG I LUV U LEXI” or “U R BANGIN LIKE ROLENS BAT”.

I’m trying to convince people to put down the Hatorade on Scott Richmond. That bloated Spring Training ERA of 6.63 isn’t really a testament of the kind of pitcher he truly is. Maybe Scott was too relaxed on the mound after he already was already assured a spot in the starting rotation. But give the guy credit, he only surrendered 3 total walks in 19 innings pitched down in Spring Training. Come game time, I think Scott Richmond will do just fine. He’ll likely face off against Anthony Reyes of the Cleveland Indians next Friday at the Indians’ Home Opener.

Earlier this week, the Tao of Stieb suggested that Cito Gaston might be getting a free pass, as it seems like management might be going easy on him lately. But then, Gaston comes out breathing fire against Rogers Clemens yesterday … and suddenly Cito Gaston is the coolest manager in MLB.

Parkes over at Drunk Jays Fans hits another one out of the park, and helps us prepare for Opening Day with the “DJF Guide to the 2009 Home Opener”. I’m thinking that this year might be a little less rampant considering that it’s against the Tigers and not the Red Sox this time. From my experiences, Tigers fans are pretty low key - but at Opening Day, anything can happen.

Speaking of Opening Day, check out my video in which I show fans how to prepare for the Blue Jays Opening Day. Yes, it’s from 2008 so please excuse my laziness in using recycled crap to promote the 2009 season. Believe the madness!


  1. LOL. It was a year early, but you look like you were getting ready for the dollar hot dog Tuesday nights they're having.

  2. I have a new found respect for professional eaters. Those hot dogs were sick, BTW. Nothing like the dogs at the Rogers Centre.


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