Vernon Wells: Muscle Car Enthusiast

Saturday, April 4, 2009  |  by 

I'm not sure if you guys have seen the latest wave of Toronto Blue Jays commercials, but if you look closely you'll notice that Vernon Wells' very own muscle car appears in this spot in which he attempts some amateur locksmithing.

This is in fact Vernon Wells' actual car - I'm pretty sure it's a 1971 Dodge Super Bee. I know it's legit because last year on my way home from a game, I ran into another Jays fan who said he saw Vernon Wells driving down Lakeshore in a muscle car similar to the one in the picture above.

Update: Carson and my gearhead brother have confirmed that Vernon Wells' car pictured above is in fact an Oldsmobile 442.


  1. Maybe a Charger? Didn't the Super Bee have a huge, huge fin/spoiler?

    Either way, he's all man.

  2. On second thought, you're 100% correct. I pose hard.

  3. At first I guessed a Camaro, then I went online and looked for 30 minutes and decided that the Super Bee resembled it most closely.

  4. Not a Camaro, I think the original '67 look stuck for a while.

    Definitely not a charger, the 68 and 69 are some of my favourite muscle cars.

    And I havent seen the super bee so Ill go with that.

    CORRECTION: My dad walks in while Im watching the video, and without me even asking, instantly says "An Oldsmobile 442".

  5. I'll take your word for it, Carson! I personally have no clue, my brother is a gearhead and would know what kind of car it is, but looking at the Olds 442 pictures that looks pretty damn close.

    Car 1

    Car 2

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