Dream Weaver Part 2

Thursday, June 4, 2009  |  by 

Image courtesty of The Karmic Boomerang
Different game, same results; it was almost a complete carbon copy of Weaver's last start against the Blue Jays. Once again the bluebirds didn't have an answer for Weaver's breaking ball and all they could muster up were 5 hits all evening.

I'll give credit to Jered Weaver, very quietly he's putting together an amazing season with the Angels thanks to a 5-2 record and an impressive 2.26 ERA. Weaver also leads all American League pitchers with 6.661 hits per 9 IP.

The Blue Jays will be pleased that they don't have to face Weaver again this year, because the young righty has only surrendered 6 total hits to the Jays in two starts this season. Just like Sunday's game against Jon Lester, this was the case of the Blue Jays running into a really great pitcher who has performed particularly well against them.

Brian Tallet will do his best Ron Burgundy impression later today and hopefully bring us some afternoon delight with a win over the Angels. Skyrockets in flight …


  1. Can't do anything but tip your cap to Weaver.

    And give him the finger.



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