Halladay eats Angels for breakfast

Wednesday, June 3, 2009  |  by 

Ever wondered what the secret is to Roy Halladay's pitching super powers? He chews up Angels, and spits them out because they are not even worthy of passing through his digestive system.

Just in case you ever wanted even more reasons to love Roy Halladay, here are some true facts about him that will help us appreciate him even more:
  • Halladay works so quickly that by the time his pitch gets to the batter, he's already winding up for the second pitch.
  • Roy Halladay taught Michael Phelps how to swim.
  • Halladay went into the clubhouse and did some laundry in the bottcom of the 6th. He's such a nice guy that he cleaned the Blue Jays AND the Angels jerseys.
  • Halladay wanted to give up a few runs on purpose just to make the Angels feel like it wasn't completely hopeless for them to win.
  • The Blue Jays should erect a bronze statue of Roy Halladay and put it in the TD Canada Trust Comfort Zone. It deserves to be comfortable.
Doc was completely dialed in against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim that reside in California on the continent of North America which is in the northern hemisphere. Aside from a shaky seventh inning, Halladay chewed up the Angels with 14 total strikeouts (a career high) on route to his ninth win of the season. Bravo, Leroy - you earned it.


  1. They should erect something alright, what a performance!

    After the Angels scored a few it was as though Halladay just decided to strike the rest of them out... holy shit.

  2. With his performance earlier tonight, Halladay totally erected boners - males and females alike.

  3. Roy did teach Phelps how to swim.

  4. I feel like I could write a book with all these Halladay-ism's. It would be made out of the hair that opposing players pull out of their skull after they strike out.


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