A philosophical baseball question

Sunday, June 21, 2009  |  by 

Image courtesy of Flickr user Carson Campbell
Let me pose to you a philosophical baseball question - if a baseball fan hides in the woods for a series and no one is around to watch it, does the series still count?

After camping for a few days, I finally checked the box scores today and saw that the Blue Jays dropped two out of three to the last place Washington Nationals. I wasn't expecting a series sweep but I certainly could not have anticipated back to back losses in extra innings. The bullpen will certainly enjoy tomorrow's off day because in the series against the Nationals, Blue Jays relievers pitched 13 total innings.

I was also surprised to see that the Blue Jays called up Russ Adams to replace Joe Inglett, who had been sent back down to Las Vegas. Not that Russ Adams has performed poorly in Triple A, but I think we all expected David Dellucci to join the Blue Jays this weekend in Washington, not Russ Adams.

Thankfully the Blue Jays did all their fathers proud today by reeling in at least one win in Washington and going 4-2 this week on the road which was a hell of a lot better than their last road trip. Only one more week of interleague play left this season ... aside from the playoffs, of course.


  1. Sometimes I think I'm better off having missed a game completely, because then the agony of defeat is just not the same, even if the loss still shows up on the record. Of course, it's been said: Better to have loved and lost ...

  2. This is true! Sometimes if it's a tense moment I will turn the TV to a different channel because I can't bare to watch ... but sometimes it actually works!


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