Prince crowned King of the Home Run Derby

Monday, July 13, 2009  |  by 

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I'm sure that somewhere in St. Louis right now, Prince Fielder is celebrating his Home Run Derby win with a scrumptious veggie burger or soy dog. The Brewers slugger was very impressive through all three rounds of the 2009 Home Run Derby hitting 23 total dingers and all it took was six home runs in the final round to win it.

Hometown favourite Albert Pujols managed to get into the second round by the skin of his teeth winning a "swing-off" against Carlos Pena and Joe Mauer. Brandon Inge picked up the "thanks for coming out" award after failing to hit a single home run. I don't think he'll be remembered for being the worst participant in the derby; that honour belongs to Troy Glaus who hit one home run in 2001 Home Run Derby and just one dinger back in 2006.

As usual, the social commentary from Chris Berman and Joe Morgan made me want to toss my television out the window. The "back, back, back, back" catchphrase never gets old Chris, I hope you have the opportunity to milk that thing for at least another ten years. Those are three hours of commentating that I wish I could get back back back back.

And what was with ESPN's Ball Tracker? It looked like somewhere between a Comet Ball and a flying neon sperm. It was probably one of the most useless features that's been introduced to a baseball broadcast in the last 15 years. The Ball Tracker was about as useful as the FoxTrax Glow Puck. If you can't see where the ball or the puck is going then you shouldn't even be watching the game.

All in all, it wasn't as flashy as last year's Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium but it was still fun to watch. Now if they could only cut down the running time to about 90 minutes then it would be perfect.


  1. "Back back back" is easily the worst and most annoying home run call in the history of baseball broadcasting. I'll even take Hawk Harrelson over that.

  2. It's even more annoying than Jamie Campbell's "you can kiss that one goodbye" ... which is actually not all that bad.

    Chris Berman needs to dump that phrase from his vocabulary or ESPN needs to dump him from the Home Run Derby broadcast.


    I barely tuned in this year. Just wasn't really interested. Caught the final. Prince Fielder is the fattest, and best home run hitting, vegetarian, ever.

  4. EyeB,it's actually almost better that way, then you don't have to sit through almost 2 hours of commercials just to get to the final.

  5. To paraphrase the Misfits:

    "Die, Die, Die, Chris Berman."

  6. I think you've got a #1 hit on your hands with that song ...

  7. This post inspired that song so cheers.

  8. Our disdain for Chris Berman has built a bridge uniting Padres and Blue Jays fans! Mission accomplished.


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