A Trade Deadline Day Distraction: The Blue Jays Rap

Friday, July 31, 2009  |  by 

This girl has mad rap skills and puts her love/frustrations for the Blue Jays very eloquently in the greatest baseball hip hop masterpiece since The Variety Club Blue Jays rap.

Stephen from Searching from '93 picked up on this video first, but I thought I would also hop on board and post it here as well.

Let's sit back and wait for the Red Sox or Yankees to post a response rap video so we can really get this rap beef going.


  1. As I tweeted earlier, I am in love, and I will marry this girl. (doesn't hurt that she's hot as well...)

  2. Any chick that can throw down a rap about the Blue Jays is cool in my books. Sounds like she's won over a lof of us already!

    Brandon, maybe you should do a marriage proposal rap response and see what she says!

  3. Bubbles will get all on dat shiznit yo! Just gotta get my drink on tonight to drown ma sorrows of sayin PEACE to Scotty Ro(len)!

  4. Bubbles, I've also had a couple of beers to help numb the pain of losing Rolen. It's been a tough day, but I think it's the right move for the Blue Jays in the long run.


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