Thursday, August 6, 2009

Off Day Thoughts

After watching Mark Teixeira throughout the two game mini-series against the Yankees, I finally figured it out. His “game face” in the batter’s box emulates that of a rabbit eating a carrot. Don’t believe me? Take a look below.

Consider Teixeira a close second to Jonathan Papelbon for having the best "Douchestare in the Majors”.

Another thing I’ve noticed this season has to do with Kevin Millar’s batting stance. I figured I better point this out before he’s sent his walking papers, but much like Scott Rolen, Millar has a stance similar to that of one of the characters from Bases Loaded.

With tomorrow’s Back2Back reunion game, Operation “JC Autograph Retreival” is in full effect. Last year I tried but failed to make it in time to see Joe Carter in person, so hopefully I will have a chance to redeem myself tomorrow and get JC to sign my baseball. If all else fails, at least Candy Maldonado will be seated next to Joe Carter and could be a second option.


  1. "It looks like a rabbit"
    --Two A-Holes At An Adoption Agency, Saturday Night Live.

  2. Every time I look Teixeira now, he looks like a distrunted rabbit with a baseball bat. Something similar to Bucky O'Hare, but without being green.

  3. He really does.

    also, more Teixeira faces here:

  4. It seems like whenever I find a player I really don't like and who I am willing to make fun of how they look, it is short time before (some) Jays fans are wishing that player would come be a Jay -- last case in point was Jason Giambi. I'm not criticizing anybody's face.
    ... But you're right!

  5. Oddly enough, I think I posted something last summer talking about how the Jays should sign Tex (rabbit face included).

  6. "Rabbit Teixeira!" hilarious! talkin about stances, yesterdays game had our section talking about johnny damon's. he keeps moving and is barely in the box. its a wonder it works for him at all...

  7. Johnny Damon is another weird one. He looks like he's doing the pee-pee dance in the batter's box. Either that, or he's a chicken because he keeps kicking his back leg.

  8. no cash left for a Rolen Shirt. damn, beer. ;)

  9. I'll look into it for you woodpeck, the last time I was there they only had one B.J. Ryan jersey and it was still $200!


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