Walk-off Wild Pitch

Wednesday, August 26, 2009  |  by 

Well, that was certainly one of the more creative ways to end a ballgame! A wild pitch with the bases loaded was enough to score Marco Scutaro and help the Blue Jays celebrate their fifth walk-off victory of the season.

Props to Marc Rzepczynski for keeping the game close through six innings. Thankfully, the bullpen kept it together long enough as Carlson, Downs and League combined for three innings of scoreless relief. I'm not sure how in the hell that's possible, but it actually happened.

I guess Alan Jackson wasn't in town tonight because Kevin Millar hit cleanup and played first base. He responded well to my criticism earlier today by going 1 for 3 with a walk. Proof once again that he feeds off the Blue Jays blogosphere's hatred/disappointment for him. LJ from The Te of Inglett suggested that we start calling him "Yousuck" to which I immediately agreed.

Honourable mention goes to Rod Barajas for tying the game with a pinch-hit home run in the ninth inning. For those scoring, that was the second pinch-hit home run of the season from Barajas, the first of which was June 16th against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Congratulations boys, take those victories any way you can get them!


  1. Probably. I think J.P. said earlier today that Arencibia wasn't going to get called up this September, which means the odds of him making the Opening Day roster next year are pretty slim.

    The free agent catcher market is pretty shallow, so hopefully the Blue Jays can sign Barajas to a 1 year deal for $3 million or less.

  2. He is what he is, I guess.

    I say bring back Chavez too.

    I'm a sucker for mediocrity.

  3. And Michael Barrett too, what the hell ... just make sure you clear away all batting donuts out of the batter's box before Barrett goes on the field.

  4. If you could combine Chavez defence with Barajas hitting, you'd have one pretty good catcher. Yes I'm aware that Rod doesn't hit that well but he's got a little power and Chavez has an awesome arm.

    If that's the best tandem we can get in the off season, may as well sign them up for next year...

  5. A Barajas/Chavez hybrid catcher would be pretty sweet. And if Pat Borders wants to come out of retirement to play with the Jays, I'm cool with that too!


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