Where in the World is Kevin Millar?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009  |  by 

Despite our wishes of disdain, Kevin Millar is still somehow a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. It’s easy to assume that he’s been designated for assignment because Millar has only played in four games this month.

So like any great bench-warmer cast aside, Kevin Millar cowboyed up and joined Kenny Chesney on stage for a rendition of “Old Blue Chair”.

Actually, that's the inspiration for a new joke I just came up with - what's blue, has four legs and has seen more playing time than Kevin Millar? The stool that the ball boy sits on.

Hat tip to The Crowe’s Nest for the link.


  1. that is fucking nuts. i was actually working that concert and heard in the distance kevin millars name being called out but i simply put it down to the fact that i know the square root of fuck all about country music and there must be some country singer with the same name.

    but there you have it, its true. you have to wonder how such things come about though!

  2. Sad but true, Kevin Millar performs better on stage than he does on the field.

    I'm sorry that you had to experience that live. How are your ears feeling?

  3. ears are fine, dunno whether my eyes will ever be the same. you see some serious sights at a kenny chesney concert.

    in my opinion the whole thing was a bit of a homoerotic experience, i mean he is a pretty good looking guy singing country songs with a sleeveless shirt and cowboy hat and there was a ton of guys lapping it up.

    frankly i was never going to admit to having been there if it wasnt for the fact that you have confirmed my mark millar suspicions.

  4. Millar just drew a walk!!! Take that all you doubters(much sarcasm)...

  5. Unless some guy is being dragged to that concert by his wife or his girlfriend (or is working there in this case), then I would question why the hell they would willingly go to a Kenny Chesney concert.

    And almost every damn time I call out Kevin Millar, he responds. Whether it's a walk or a home run, he must read these blogs before he goes out onto the field.

  6. And I thought I couldn't hate Millar more than I already do.

  7. I guess it could've been worse, at least he didn't crash a Coldplay concert while they were playing "Viva La Vida"!


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