David Purcey, Walk this way

Monday, September 14, 2009  |  by 

David Purcey's return to the Blue Jays is bittersweet in many ways. He began the season as one of the surefire starting pitchers, then quickly fizzled out and was sent to work on his stuff down in the minor leagues.

That's why it comes as a surprise that Purcey was "promoted" and called up to the Blue Jays when there were arguably much better potions in Triple A Las Vegas. Last season and earlier this year, Purcey showed moments of brilliance. Most notably his start on August 27th 2008 versus Matt Garza in which he basically matched him pitch for pitch.

That gem of a game was overshadowed by his knack for missing the strike zone when it counted most. The fellas at Mop Up Duty touched on this earlier this year, but Purcey hasn't really improved his control down in the minor leagues. His BB/9 was 6.31 with the Blue Jays and is still hovering around 5.04 with the Las Vegas 51's. Brad Arnsberg must have a master plan here and is hoping that he can do the same for David Purcey that he did with Ricky Romero.

I would have much rather seen Fabio Castro called up, alas there is only one way to find out if Purcey can cut it in the big leagues once again. It's just unfortunate that in his September callup, Purcey's team mates will be going up against Justin Verlander. Good luck with that one, boys.


  1. Castro has hit his Verducci ceiling for the year.

  2. I don't know what Purceys deal is. It's funny how many times pitchers get told to not nibble and throw strikes, use your defence etc but so many guys struggle with the concept...

  3. Will, that sucks about Castro but maybe they will give him a second look next year.

    Mattt, with Purcey it's all about lack of control. I didn't see the game last night, but it sounded like he had trouble finding the strike zone yet again.

  4. Man, I am waiting for Purcey to break out. Seem like a big kid, should be able to pound the zone but he seems like he doesn't have a clue sometimes. Check out my blog, compared the AL East 2B crop, where does Hill stand this year??


    Could get ugly down the stretch with our starting rotation BTW?

  5. Jayzone, I think the Blue Jays were depending more on Cecil and Romero to impress that they just assumed Purcey would work out since he had big league experience. Things can turn around for the bad (or good) pretty quickly.

    I'm sure the starting rotation will hold it's own until the end of the year. It's a bit tough right now since Cecil is done and R-Zep will be shut down soon, so that leaves Halladay, Romero, Richmond, Purcey and Tallet to finish off the season. I just hope Richmond gets a decent couple of starts in before the season is over!


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