Rumble in the Bronx

Tuesday, September 15, 2009  |  by 

In baseball, there are certain unwritten rules when it comes to beaning players. If you intentionally hit somebody from the other team, then you can fully expect them to hit you back.

So that's why I was so surprised Jorge Posada threw a complete hissy fit after Jesse Carlson buzzed him with a fastball. It was merely a move of retaliation, but Posada had to blow it way of of proportion and take it personally.

It was a dick move to say the least.

If you get pushed enough times, eventually you are going to push back and Carlson was merely standing up for his teammates. Unfortunately, it looks like he got the worst of the fight and was sent home with a souvenir goose egg.

Come to think of it, wouldn't that make a great Blue Jays giveaway? A Jesse Carlson goose egg bobblehead day!

So now we can add Jorge Posada to the long list of Yankees players on the Blue Jays hit list which includes Alex Rodriguez, Josh  Towers, A.J. Burnett and Eric Hinske among others.

I hope Posada gets suspended for at least five games because behaviour like that was totally bush league. Grow the fuck up, Posada.


  1. Grow the fuck up, Posada.


    I loved how he was mouthing off after the pitch; "You don't want to do that."

    Why? Because when he crosses the plate he's going to swipe Carlson like a 12-year-old? He didn't even get hit!!!1

    I used to respect Jorge. Now, much like the rest of the Yankees, he can kiss my ass.

  2. When Posada bumped him like a child, Carlson just turned around and took it to him with some clear expletives. And he aimed straight for Posada, rather than chicken out and get some other guy. Good on Carlson.

  3. He totally deserved it. The Blue Jays have been the whipping boy of the American League the last few weeks, I think Rod Black said earlier in the game that the Jays were hit by pitches three times.

    Talk about a double standard - Carlson buzzes one by Posada and all of a sudden it's World War 3.

    I bet Posada didn't even make contact with Carlson, Jesse probably got hit with somebody else's fist - maybe even from one of his own teammates. Too bad they don't have a "scrum-cam" so we could see what the hell was going on inside the thick of that fight.

  4. Posada actually said "If you're going to to that, don't throw at my head. Don't do that."

  5. You're right BK, Carlson could have just walked back to the mound and swore like a sailor - instead he looked Posada straight in the eyes and told him how he really felt. That's what a REAL man does.

  6. Hi, hello. Posada can cry me a river. Ruiz got plunked in the fucking mouth and nothing happened.

  7. The Drunks have a vid up of the whole thing. That ball was no where near Posada. What a big baby.

  8. And then Carlson threw behind him and also never hit him. So, Jorge is still a bitch. Still a bitch.

  9. Typical Carlson, he was aiming to hit Posada and he missed his location. But you guys are right, the pitch was a good two feet behind Posada, yet he acted like he just got drilled between the numbers.

    Maybe he was trying to look all tough in front of his team mates or something, because it was completely uncalled for.

  10. Posada acting like a douche? Get out of here. Seriously, who goes after First Base coach Murphy?

  11. I'm not one to go pick fights, but I think all you guys need to evaluate what constitute a 'dick'. Getting pissed because someone through a 90mph ball at you in a game that is supposed to be governed by rules to protect players from harm?

    It is absolutely ridiculous that there is a notion (however widespread it may be) that you are for some reason 'allowed' to hit a player with a ball, because a pitcher on their team did the same. The job of a game official is to enforce the written rules of the game and, as a result, protect the players. When you have players taking revenge on each other, you start to get ridiculous situations like McSorely whacking Berrard in the head.

    Where does the line end? What if a retaliation had ended up with Olereud getting killed after a retaliatory hit in the head with a fastball.

    There's just no excuse.

  12. You've gotta find a video of this fight! I missed the game... =/

  13. Today is a great day to be a Toronto Blue Jays fan. We beat them last night and we beat them last night...

  14. PS
    Jorge Says No! found a video.

  15. Chris, I'm not saying that Posada doesn't have the right to be angry (because he does) but it was his actions after the fact that make him a dick. His brush with Carlson at the plate was unnecessary. There were two Blue Jays hit in that that ballgame, and Carlson didn't even hit Posada. Jorge is a veteran and he should have been a man and accepted that things were even. If Posada didn't brush Carlson at the plate, there never would have been a fight. Posada was the instigator the entire way.


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