Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Video Tribute: Saying so long to Roy Halladay


We all deal with the loss of a loved one in different ways. When it comes to saying so long to Roy Halladay, the best way for me to personally to grieve during this situation was to create this goodbye video message to him.

Please watch and reflect back on the good times we had with Doc.


  1. There was way to much AJ Burnett in that video.

  2. If you hated seeing A.J. Burnett in that video, you should see the Goodbye Video I did for him (though it was more of a parody than a genuine goodbye).

    "Saying Goodbye to A.J. Burnett"

  3. Looks like a nice return though. The future really does look like it's taking shape

  4. It's such a sad day, all we can do now is remember how awesome Halladay was to see every 5 days, and pray that the return lives up to huge expecations that being "who we got in the Halladay" trade will place upon their shoulders.

    It's the worst kind of break-up ever. Not only are we losing him, but we have to see him and his new lover all about town.

  5. Mattt, it's going to take a while, but the future is looking strong for the Blue Jays. I just hope that most folks have the patience to stick around.

    Matty, every Roy Halladay start was a gift and the closest thing to a guaranteed win as there was.

    At least they didn't trade him within the division - can you imagine the Blue Jays having to face Halladay 5+ times a year? I don't think I could handle it.

  6. The real fans are going to be there and the casual ones will be back in a couple of years. It's still cheap summer entertainment so all will be ok.

    I'm trying to stay focused on the positive. It feels like Doc has been gone for a while. I really feel like be Jays have a direction now and it looks promising. Don't be surprised if Roy's back after this contract to finish what he started...

  7. You can't beat $9 bucks for a game - best deal in town!

    It's easy to get trapped into the pessimism and say that this team will never win again, but we need to stay strong and stay focused on the future. I trust AA's vision for the team, even if it means taking five more years to get there.

  8. Roy will be back. Mark. My. Words.

    (watch the snet interview for hints!)

  9. "(Toronto) is somewhere I want to keep going back to"

    Honestly, I hadn't considered the possibility that Doc would come back after his contract with the Phillies, but NOW I will!

  10. Amazing video! I'm going to miss him so much. Didn't he win 148 games though (the video says 146)

  11. Thanks Jaysgirl! You're right - it's 148, not 146 ... good catch. My mistake!

  12. Could you please post a link to the pic of Doc on draft day (or send me the pic). I've been trying to find it, but am not having much success.



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