Friday, April 30, 2010

Acid Flashback Friday: Domer the Turtle

Image courtesy of Infield Fly

When it comes to Major League Baseball mascots, sometimes it doesn't take much for those crazy characters to make an impression on the city.

Reflecting back on simpler times, occcasionally they might come up in conversations like "where are they now?" and "remember that mascot?" Often, I find myself saying that very same thing about one of the Blue Jays often overlooked mascots.

For this week's Acid Flashback Friday, we take a look back at one of the Skydome's forgotten mascots, Domer the Turtle.

Not much is known of Domer's tenure as mascot for the Toronto Blue Jays, but I think he came in as one of the Skydome's mascot some time in the early 90's and exited in the late 90's.

If B.J. Birdy was Batman, Domer was his Robin. As the secondary mascot of the Skydome, maybe Domer grew tired of playing second fiddle to B.J. and tried to make it on his own, only to fall victim to a slot machine addiction.

Enjoy this commercial for the Skydome's "Spring Fling" carnival, featuring none other than Domer himself. 

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  1. That's why the attendance has fallen-no Domer. Bring him back and it's 50 000 every night. Maybe?

  2. This is what happens when your stadium is not owned by team ownership. Domer was not a Blue Jay mascot and went to all skydome events.

  3. Mattt, interesting theory. It couldn't hurt, right? I think it would be cool of they brought back Domer and BJ Birdy for one night.

    Peter, ah yes ... Domer wasn't "technically" the Jays mascot, but moreso for the Skydome itself. Thanks for pointing that out - honestly, it was so long ago and there is so little info about him on the internet that this was all I could find!

  4. Domer is so god damn cool looking that I am going to use him as my avatar for a couple sites. Thanks!

  5. Go for it! Domer is kind of a PG version of the Ninja Turtles, so that's also a bonus.

  6. I still got a stuffed animal Domer after all these years. He will always be cherished!

  7. Very nice! I saw a couple of them on eBay. I think they might have been a giveaway a couple years ago.

  8. They were selling the puppets for 99 cents at Jays games a few years ago.

  9. Anon, really? Then don't tell the folks who are paying upwards of $30 dollars for them on eBay!

  10. Drugs are bad HUGS NOT DRUGS


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