Acid Flashback Friday: George Bell's McDonald's Commercial

Friday, April 16, 2010  |  by 

This week's Acid Flashback Friday is short and sweet ... after scouring through the Retro Ontario Channel on Youtube, I came across this McDonald's commercial from 1987 featuring none other than American League MVP George Bell.

Remember when Big Mac meals used to be $2.99? Yeah ... me neither.


  1. Cool find Ian. Bell definitely provided some good offense in those years. However, the surprise on his face in the commercial at catching the ball was not unlike that of most fans when he actually caught one during games.

  2. Nobody could rock a cap like George Bell. NOBODY.

  3. Why do I have no memory of this?

  4. So true, Ack, so true. And, boy were commercials completely messed up back in the day. Marketing has come a long way.

    Nails, Ian.

  5. QJays, now that you mention it ... there's only one other George Bell catch I distinctly remember (the final out of the 1985 season).

    Ack, there's something about the way his jheri curl makes his cap sit just perfectly.

    Mattt, I would've been 4 years old when this came out, so I have no recollection of it either.

    eyebleaf, I miss the good old days when the Blue Jays used to endorse things. I'm sure there are a couple of hilarious car dealership commercials with Blue Jays floating around somewhere.


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