The Rogers Centre turns into an empty nest

Wednesday, April 14, 2010  |  by 

A philosophical baseball question: if the Blue Jays lose a game by ten runs and only 10,610 people are there to see it, does it actually count?

Like most folks, I'm just going to pretend that tonight's 11-1 loss didn't actually happen.

Aside from Randy Ruiz' stolen base and him scoring from second to home on a base hit from Jose Bautista, there weren't many positives to take away from this game.

Kudos to the fans that not only showed up for this game, but bonus points should be awarded to the brave souls who actually stuck around for the full nine innings.

It's not the easiest thing to watch your team down by ten runs, but at least the Blue Jays fans aren't as sparse as the Pittsburgh Pirates fans.


  1. Oh, I was tempted to leave at many points. But hey, it's not everyday you get to witness an 11-1 drubbing. The highlight of the game was seeing Randy Ruiz chugging towards second for his stolen base. That is all.

  2. Hahaha! Good question Ian. I'm not ashamed to admit I left at the bottom of the 8th and didn't feel bad about it one bit.

  3. sigh... i wish i lived in the GTA, Id certainly be a season ticket holder.

    The only way you can get people back to the ballpark is to win and I truly believe that AA is putting this team right on track.

  4. BK and Gianna, I tip my cap to you both for enduring through that game.

    You're right, it's not every day you get to see Randy Ruiz steal a base, so I'd say that was worth the price of admission.

    Ruiz has already matched the stolen base total (ONE) of both Rod Barajas and Bengie Molina when they were Blue Jays.

    Aquamelli, I guess the positive from this is that everyone had a good seat! It's definitely a work in progress and I don't think anyone should expect miracles overnight. Maybe we'll see more people at the ballpark now that the Blue Jays are the only of the major sports teams who is still playing.

  5. If the Jays played in Vancouver I would love to have season's tickets. Good on the fans that went, it's a $800 round trip airfare for me, and I've still made the trip.

  6. It's too bad the Jays don't have a road trip in Seattle this year. I've heard it's about a 4-hour drive from Vancouver, but totally worth it.

    At the Home Opener, there was a girl at the front of our section with a sign that said something like "I drove 4000 kilometres to be here".

    What can I say, people are willing to travel far for their favourite team!

  7. If this series continues the pattern we should be in for a good one tonight.

  8. Yeah, it seems like a back/forth thing. Eveland should toss a two-hitter through seven innings, and the Jays will score ten runs.

  9. So i got the Jays game on my laptop ( and I got the Toronto FC game on my other computer streaming via and I just dont understand why people will show up to this game but not a Jays game. I watch soccer and all but I couldnt name one player off this team.


  10. Aquamelli, I heard an interesting point on The Grill Room on this very same subject. They were saying that overall (especially in the city of Toronto), soccer has a much broader demographic, what with all the different cultures in the city.


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