Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The BJH Banner Curse

Move over Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx. Hey Madden Football Cover Curse ... get ready to take a backseat, because there's a new misfortune in town that's screwing with Toronto Blue Jays players.

It's the Blue Jay Hunter Banner Curse!

Going through some of my old pictures, I couldn't help but notice that the last 6 players to be featured on the banner for this website have either been traded, injured this year, or have just plain sucked.

After Alex Rios was traded last year, I quickly replaced him with Aaron Hill. Then after I finally got over the mourning period of losing Roy Halladay, he was substituted for by Adam Lind.

Then of course you have Travis Snider who has been marred by injuries this season and won't be ready until after the All-Star Break. And everyone knows all too well about the struggles of Adam Lind and Aaron Hill.

I thought about working Vernon Wells and Jose Bautista into the banner this year, but if there is any truth to the BJH Banner Curse, maybe I should play it safe and keep them off it in fears of putting their seasons years in jeopardy.

My apologies for causing all this, folks.


  1. Might I propose a banner of Cito, Cito, and Cito?

  2. How about the entire Yankee starting lineup?

  3. How about Mike Wilner? Heyo!

  4. Hey guys, all great suggestions. But knowing my luck, the moment I put some opposing players on the banner, they're likely to tear it up.

  5. Put Ace on the banner. Nothing could possibly go wrong. That guy runs into the outfield wall every single game and he is miraculously unharmed.

  6. I'd be happy if you could derail A-Rod and Youk(e)...

  7. sadp, good idea but I'd much rather throw BJ Birdy (or even Domer) up there before Ace goes on the banner.

    Mattt, maybe one day I'll have to create a curse banner week where we feature all our least favourite players. A-Rod would be included for sure.

  8. I know about banner curses, Ian. This is most unfortunate. Keep the faith.

  9. I feel ya man, it sucks! We've had some bad luck over the years.

  10. Booooo!!!

    (I was going to just apply this good naturedly to your post [A fan's superstition curse]. But when I saw the Yankee comment, jsut apply it to that.)


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