Mound Wars Part Two: Cecil vs. Burnett

Friday, June 4, 2010  |  by 

Last year, it was a battle of epic proportions: - teacher vs. student in Mound Wars.

43,737 came out to see the embodiment of good in Obi-Roy Kenobi face the epitome of evil, Darth Burnett.

It was a thrilling climax to a long-brewing battle which saw the teacher school his former student, after Burnett turned to the dark side.

Now after Obi-Roy Kenobi sacrificed himself for the better of the Rebel Alliance, a new hero has emerged to fight off the Evil Empire once again.

His name is Brett Skywalker.

He might not realize it yet, but Brett will eventually lead the Rebels to defeat The Evil Empire. His first test comes this evening against Darth Burnett.

May the force be with Brett Cecil and the Blue Jays.


  1. I hope that Cecil has his A game tonight. The Jays need to get back on track.

  2. I hope so too Mattt, and I'm sure he will. Hopefully A.J. Burnett is the Blue Jays slump buster tonight.

  3. I was there, and there was a legitimate vibe in the 'dome. Not on the level of Doc vs AJ or Canada vs USA, but definitely a different feel than usual.

    Cecil didn't let you down.

  4. Robbie, I saw that the attendance was around 30,000 - about what was expected for tonight, but for some reason I was expecting more. I imagine those 30,000 sounded more like 40,000 or 45,000 with all the booing.

  5. Rebel Jay-lliance vs. Evil Empire, I like it. Somebody needs to do a comic about this.

  6. With more series against the Yankees, I'm sure you'll see some more photoshop magic this season. Stay tuned!


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