A Trade Deadline Distraction: Blue Jays Party Bus Stripper Pole Fail

Friday, July 30, 2010  |  by 

Need a break from all the Trade Deadline madness? Here's a video that's sure to take your mind off losing Brett Wallace.

Trust me, watch the entire thing to the VERY END because it's totally worth it.

Now, while this video doesn't have anything to do with the Blue Jays persae, everyone is decked out in Blue Jays gear and they appear to be on their way to a Jays game.

And what better way to kill time on the way to the game than to test the strength of the stripper pole installed on the interior of a party bus?

All I can say is ... this is exactly why we should leave the pole dancing up to the experts because someone could seriously get hurt.

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  1. Awesome post. You actually have a point there. Pole dancing is not an easy task and it should take a lot of practice because it could get you hurt. I'm sure it will serve as a lesson to everyone.


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