Photoshop Fun: Roy Halladay and Carlos Ruiz at Senior Prom

Thursday, October 7, 2010  |  by 

Folks in Philadelphia have become accustomed to seeing Roy Halladay and Carlos Ruiz embrace in celebration. First there was Doc's no-hitter, then the NL East clincher, and lastly Halladay's no-hitter from last night.

Yet I couldn't help but notice that Chooch held Roy Halladay especially tightly last night, and it even looked like he was whispering sweet nothings into his ear.

Thus, inspiring the above Photoshop of Carlos Ruiz clutching onto Roy Halladay tighter than high school sweethearts at Senior Prom.

Thanks to the fellas at Big League Stew for sharing the love on Twitter.
Images courtesy of Daylife and REW Entertainment.


  1. So good. And to go all Phillies fan on you for a moment: CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!!!1

    Seriously, love that guy. I think after both Doc's perfect game, and his no-hitter last night, Ruiz has looked happier. And, boy, did he ever make a great play on that final out.

  2. Navin, hat's off to Ruiz for that throw from the knees and props to Ryan Howard for catching it. Aside from DeWayne Wise's catch to preserve Mark Buehrle's perfect game, that one ranks up there when it comes to close calls in a no-hitter.

    DS, thanks! All I could hear in my head while I was Photoshopping was "I wanna hold you till I die, Till we both break down and cry".


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