Thanksgiving Leftover Links

Monday, October 11, 2010  |  by 

As most Canadians are still in a semi-comatose state thanks to inordinate amounts of turkey and boxed wine, here are some links to check out as the tryptophan continues work its magic.

Jose Bautista is one of the nominees for the 2010 Hank Aaron Award, which goes to the top offensive player in each league. I couldn't think of a more deserving man than Jose Bautista, so go drop a ballot on his behalf.

The fellas at Jays Dome did a Year in Review podcast with guests to summarize each month of the season (including yours truly for September/October).

As the search for the Blue Jays new manager intensifies, Mop Up Duty throws their hat into the ring for former Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge.

The Southpaw has a great look at who could capture all the starting spots on next year's Jays roster (sans pitchers) in Rosterbation Part One.

And finally, one of the new kids on the blog The 5th Starter, makes a case for pumping up the Blue Jays payroll in 2011.


  1. Eric Wedge? Wasn't the knock on him that his Indians' teams never really met expectations? I wouldn't really be excited with the prospect of him as a manager. Then again, I'm at a loss to suggest good candidates, since Buck got a job. Is Bobby Valentine still out there somewhere?

  2. Steve, from what I've read/heard, apparently Wedge isn't too far off from Cito Gaston, so maybe there wouldn't be that much adjustment on the player's part.

    Personally, Eric Wedge's managing style never stuck out to me, so it's difficult to say.


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