Acid Flashback Friday: The Rogers Centre Roof Closing at Day and Night

Friday, April 29, 2011  |  by 

SkyDome from udo.d on Vimeo

Since everyone seemed to enjoy last week's post of the Skydome being built in 2.5 minutes, I figured I'd do post another time lapse video for this week's Acid Flashback Friday.

Above is a time lapse of the Rogers Centre roof being closed at night, and for a little variation, there's a video below of the roof being closed during the day.

SkyDome @ Day from udo.d on Vimeo

Almost as fascinating as watching the roof close is the traffic and pedestrians fly by. I don't know why, but I'm always a sucker for watching these "life in fast forward" videos.

Videos courtesy of user udo.D on Vimeo


  1. Awesome! I wonder how much energy is required to open/close the roof each time.

  2. Joel, that's a great question - a quick search of the internets didn't really produce any results, but I can only imagine the hydro bill would be after opening/closing the roof at the Rogers Centre.


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