Octavio Dotel Celebrates Edwin Encarnacion's Home Run

Monday, June 27, 2011  |  by 

If you caught Saturday's Blue Jays game against the Cardinals, you likely witnessed one of the funniest things that has happened during a Blue Jays game in a very long time.

Octavio Dotel must be the captain of Edwin Encarnacion's one-man cheerleading team, because he danced in celebration when EE hit a home run into the visitor's bullpen in left field.

Don't ask me what inclined me to do this, but I mashed the replay of the home run together with the infamous home run scene from "The Natural". Surprisingly, it actually works well together!

First, Edwin Encarnacion hits a home run with Ricky Romero's bat. Now he hits one after his teammate Octavio Dotel celebrates in the bullpen. Encarnacion must have asked the bat boy to pick him out a winner.

If you like, check out the original video below and trust me when I say that even two days later, Dotel's reaction is as priceless as it is hilarious.

Hat tip to Dave for helping me fetch the video


  1. Something needs to be GIF'ed. Pronto.

  2. QJays, thanks! 'Twas a labour of love.

  3. I guess this one has been bumped down to 2nd best Dotel pic now:


  4. Emily, judging by Octavio Dotel's reaction, that just might be the most important home run of Edwin Encarnacion's career. Orrrrr the most unimportant.

  5. Nav, don't thank me ... thank Octavio Dotel.

  6. Awesome video - made my day :)

  7. Ryan, thanks for watching - I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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