Photoshop Fun: Blue Jays Movies (#BlueJaysMovies)

Friday, June 17, 2011  |  by 

Something very interesting happened across the Twitterverse yesterday. @HighSockMojo sent out a tweet with the hashtag #BlueJaysMovies.

It spread like wildfire and even yours truly got caught up in it sitting there pondering how to work current and former Blue Jays players names into movie titles.

I took a couple of the best ones and decided to turn them into movie posters. Just click on the posters to get a closer look.

Thanks to @Rallcap_Andy for "Drabek to the Future".

Next is @JasonTO with "Zaunadu".

After that, we have @5thStarter's suggestion of "Meat's Dont Clash of the Titans". Believe it or not, as unauthentic as it looks, that's an actual photo of Travis Snider's head. Here's the proof!

Then there's one of my own suggestions for a Blue Jays movie, "The BauFather".

Lastly, from the mind of @itsgettinglate, look closely and you might see former Blue Jays third baseman Kelly Gruber starring in "MacGruber".


  1. Meats Don't Clash of the Titans is my fave - I hope someone Tweeted that to Snider :)

  2. Amber, that's my favourite too - I'll have to tweet that one out to Snider, thanks for the suggestion!


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