Animated Gif: Brett Lawrie Celebrates Grand Slam, Flings Helmet in Process

Thursday, August 11, 2011  |  by 

Click here for the Animated GIF
I think it's safe to say that Brett Lawrie was pretty excited about his first big league grand slam?

It was awesome to watch Lawrie's reaction as he rounded the basepaths and received congratulations from his teammates in the dugout. My favourite part was when Lawrie got so jacked up, that it caused his helmet to come off, and he just flung in in the dugout.

Then he proceeded to bro shake with Edwin Encarnacion, and even Eddie thought it was hilarious as there was a brief glimpse of him either smiling or laughing after the whole thing happened.

Click here to watch the animated gif of the celebration. Welcome to the show, Brett Lawrie!

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