The Jose Bautista Staredown - Version 2.0

Thursday, August 25, 2011  |  by 

Image courtesy of @NevStoski
This is what it must have felt like to stare into the eyes of Medusa before turning to stone, as Jose Bautista's piercing staredown claimed yet another victim last night.

One thing's for sure sure, if a pitcher ever displeases Jose Bautista, they'll be sure to know about it. Whether they try to sneak a buzzball past Jose's head as Ivan Nova did last year, or as Luke Hochevar hit Yunel Escobar last night, Jose Bautista gets his retribution with his bat.

Click on the image below to see the Animated Gif of the epic staredown by Jose Bautista and the subsequent slow trot down the first base line. Just more visual proof that you should never mess with Jose Bautista.

Click image for Animated Gif
For those who missed the subtle cues from that very short Animated Gif, here is the sequence of events performed by Jose Bautista in that very staredown:
  1. Watch the ball go yard.
  2. Give a quick glance to the pitcher as if to say "nice try".
  3. Admire the home run once again.
  4. Drop bat on the ground like a dirty towel.
  5. Slowly trot out of the box and head down the line, all while staring down the pitcher and instilling the fear of God in him.


  1. Sorry I wasn't around to snap another epic Bautista staredown pic... I had my 15 minutes with the pic from last year, I suppose.

    IMO, this staredown is MUCH better in terms of both style and effect. He really burned a friggin' hole directly through Hochevar... amazing.

  2. He pimped that pretty hard. Love Jerkball. 2012 = Playoffs

  3. Mike, I think the word about Jerkball is getting around the league quickly. Especially now after that home run trot.

    Jeff, no worries - we had that epic storm to contend with as well. I was flipping back and forth between the Weather Channel and the baseball game. But you're right - Jose definitely took his time with that staredown.

    Chill, no question Bautista milked that moment for all it was worth. Serves Hochevar right for plunking Escobar!

  4. Couldn't see the game, and saw the replay shortly after on -- I was wondering what happened prior to the HR as soon as I saw it.
    I must say, I'm a much bigger fan of going yard and embarrassing the pitcher than I am of just hitting one their batters -- much more effective.

  5. QJays, I didn't see it either - so it's hard to say whether that beanball to Escobar was intentional or whether it was a pitch that just got away from Hochevar.

    Regardless, Bautista retaliated with the bat, and that's the best way to fight back rather than just with another beanball.

  6. I watched the game and saw this. Classic!! "Yo, don't be hittin' my homies"

  7. After hitting Escobar the pitchers first pitch to Bautista was head high

  8. I remember this moment from a few years ago and knew immediately Bautista was a roided up head case. I guess Hochever got the last laugh... An ALCS ring.


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