Animated Gif: Edwin Encarnacion's Walk-Off Home Run

Friday, September 23, 2011  |  by 

Click image for Animated Gif
Do you think there was any chance Edwin Encarnacion was watching tape of Carlton Fisk or Bill Mazeroski before tonight's game? Because EE certainly mimicked their actions to help will the ball fair and over the fence.

Thanks to his walk-off home run, the Blue Jays finish the season with a 11-0 record at home in extras and are now in the record books as the only team to accomplish that feat in a single season. Thanks Eddie for helping the Blue Jays go out on top at home!


  1. Encarnacion is definately worth picking up the 3.5 mill option

  2. Psmith, it absolutely looks like a bargain. I'm not banking that EE's second half production will carry over into 2012, but his versatility at first (and apparently training him in the outfield) will be a steal at 3.5 mill.

  3. I'm glad I've watched the replays (and animated GIFs) - I was watching the ball go out, I didn't even see him Carlton Fisk-ing it fair.

  4. Mike, it was one of those tough ones that was hit on a line- could've easily gone either way. Luckily it hooked fair!


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