One Last Sneak Peek at Possible New Blue Jays Uniforms

Thursday, November 17, 2011  |  by 

In just over 24 hours, the Toronto Blue Jays will hopefully reveal their brand new uniforms. For some of us though (myself included), that's just too long to wait. Not surprisingly, we were also those kids that opened their gifts on Christmas Eve.

Tao of Stieb already did an excellent analysis of the teaser video that was posted yesterday, and after a dozen or so replays, I scoured the video of any glimpse of new information or images of these new uniforms which have been shrouded in secrecy.

Fellow Blue Jays fanatic @Rallycap_Andy noted that fans are trying to pick this teaser video apart for any semblance of content, not unlike what happened with Cloverfield a few years ago. And yes, I also got sucked into that "play a game, get a cryptic clue" thing.

I've taken a few stills from the video and enhanced them a little bit to make the features stand out a little more prominently. First up, Yunel Escobar:
It's hard to catch with the naked eye, but right around the seven second mark, you can make out the faint outline of the bottom of the primary Blue Jays logo. It looks to be the leaked logo back from September, and placing it on the cap fits perfectly.

Next up is Jose Bautista in what appears to be the new Blue Jays road grey uniforms. At the nine second mark, there is a brief glimpse of what looks like the "T" in "Toronto".

Judging by the serif on the font, it's the same one used in the invitation sent out to the media last week. But there's one difference; the rumoured split font that was prominent in the throwback Blue Jays font is making a return.

Compared to the raw font below, the "T" above looks to be in line for the proposed road uniform font. Originally, I thought it might be the first "T" in Toronto, but by the curving on the font it looks like the second "T".

Finally, there's a very interesting screengrab of the back of the possible home white uniforms. Adam Lind's name is displayed prominently in the back in a sans serif font:

Here's the issue; the font in this screengrab above is nowhere even close to the one of Jose Bautista. This leads me to believe there will be completely separate fonts for the home and away jerseys.

It's really not all that uncommon, as the latest Blue Jays uniforms also used entirely different fonts for their home white uniforms and alternates as they did their away uniforms.

Update: As Chris noted in the comments section, I am completely over thinking this whole font thing, the throwback jerseys had solid block lettering on the back of the uniforms. Please disregard my note about different fonts.

Even if all these guesses are completely off base, what little we actually did see in the teaser video is very promising. Friday can't get here soon enough!


  1. You're thinking too hard... it's quite simple, the font on the front of the jerseys for "BLUE JAYS" and "TORONTO" is not the same font as the player name on the back.

  2. Chris, guilty as charged! I am totally overthinking this, just extremely anxious to see what will be revealed.

    I'm not sure why I thought the font would be the same on the front as it was the back, because the throwbacks had different fonts. Whoops!

  3. Yeah...not excited about that font. Hope it looks better in real life than it does in the teaser images.


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