Flashback Friday: The Blue Jays Flare Magazine Photo Shoot

Friday, April 27, 2012  |  by 

Anybody who can catch nine innings has my utmost respect, let alone in stilettos.
It's not every day you find the Toronto Blue Jays in a Canadian magazine publication. So it definitely seems like something worth mentioning ... a mere eight years after the fact, don't you think?

For this week's Flashback Friday, we take a look at the Toronto Blue Jays 2004 spring photo shoot in Flare Magazine.

The Blue Jays rounded up Reed Johnson, Chris Woodward, Miguel Batista, Orlando Hudson and Vernon Wells for this photo shoot. I don't know the exact release date of the Blue Jays issue, but one can only assume it happened during March of 2004 during Spring Training.

For whatever reason, Flare Magazine decided it would be a good idea to incorporate members of the Blue Jays roster and models to try to sell the latest fashion trends. It definitely made for some memorable photos.

 "You see that Chris Gomez guy? He's totally going to steal my job at shortstop."

 Miguel Batista practices "smizing" at opposing hitters.

 And to think .. the other split-squad game had Joe West as their umpire.

"If I can run in these heels, then you can at least hit 30 home runs this season."


  1. Ahhh!! Our current army of sex gods needs to do this.

    1. Meredith, Joanna had the same thoughts as well and suggested it be J.P. and Lawrie in their own spread.

      Better yet, just give them their own magazine - "Bros Weekly".

  2. Wow, surprised I've never seen this before. Orlando Hudson's is my favourite, mostly because he happens to be in it.

    1. I just stumbled across it randomly one day. And yes, O-Dogg is the man.


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