Every Moustache in Blue Jays History

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Over the past 35 years, the Toronto Blue Jays have built themselves a rich history. The team has seen many changes since its inception in 1977, however one thing has has remained synonymous with the club since day one; and that's the illustrious moustache.

Many iconic Blue Jays have donned moustaches over the years, and in honour of Movember I've compiled each and every single one of them into one video for your viewing pleasure. For those counting, it's 117 moustaches in 204 seconds.

Perhaps the most revealing thing uncovered during my research for this project was there were five Blue Jays players named Willie who had a moustache. There's no way that's a coincidence, as being named Willie must have been a prerequisite for having a moustache (or vice versa).

And remember, please support your local moustaches supporting Prostate Cancer research and donating to Movember.

In case you wanted an entire rundown of every moustache, here's a full list with all 117 pictures and names after the jump.

Al Oliver
Alan Ashby
Alfredo Griffin
Bill Caudill
Bob Brenly
Brian Tallet
Bryan Clark
Buck Martinez
Buck Martinez
Charlie Moore
Cito Gaston
Cliff Johnson
Cliff Johnson
Cory Snyder
D.J. Boston
Danny Cox
Darnell Coles
Dave Lemanzyc
Dave McKay
Dave Revering
Dave Stieb
Dave Stieb
Dave Stieb
Dave Stieb
Dave Stieb
Dave Winfield
David Wells
Dennis Lamp
Dennis Lamp
Derek Bell
Devon While
Don Gordon
Don Kirkwood
Doyle Alexader
Duane Ward
Eddie Rodriguez
Edwin Hurtado
Ernie Whitt
Frank Wills
Fred McGriff
Gene Petralli
Gene Tenace
George Bell
Geronimo Berroa
Goose Gozzo
Greg Cadaret
Greg Myers
Hector Torres
Hosken Powell
Howard Battle
Jack Morris
Jackson Todd
Jeff Burroughs
Jeff Hearron
Jeff Kent
Jerry Garvin
Jesse Barfield
Jesse Jefferson
Jim Acker
Jim Clancy
Jim Gott
Joe Carter
Joe Johnson
Joey McLaughlin
John Mayberry
Jorge Orta
Jose Nunez
Juan Berenguer
Juan Guzman
Juan Samuel
Ken Schrom
Lance Parrish
Larry Hisle
Lloyd Moseby
Luis Aquino
Luis Leal
Luis Sojo
Manny Lee
Mark Bobback
Mark Eichhorn
Mark Whiten
Matt Stark
Mauro Gozzo
Mike Flanagan
Mike Sharperson
Mike Willis
Nelson Liriano
Otis Nixon
Otto Velez
Pat Borders
Paul Kilgus
Paul Mirabella
Pedro Garcia
Rance Mulliniks
Rick Bosetto
Rick Cerone
Rick Leach
Rico Carty
Roy Lee Jackson
Sal Fasano
Sam Ewing
Sil Campusano
Steve Hargan
Steve Staggs
Tim Johnson
Tim Nordorbrook
Toby Hernandez
Tom Bruno
Tom Lawless
Tom Underwood
Tony Batista
Tony Bevington
Tony Castillo
Tony Soliata
Travis Snider
Vince Horsman
Willie Aikens
Willie Blair
Willie Fraser
Willie Horton
Willie Upshaw

Images courtesy of BlueJaysCards.com


  1. Damasos Burnt ShirtNovember 26, 2012 at 1:45 PM

    Also Daves.

    These are the Daves I know I know...

  2. Pedro Garcia's is so powerful I almost cried.

  3. What about Bautista's moustache? He had it for one game a few years ago in Oakland.

    1. I thought about including that one, but it was very short-lived. Then there was also Lyle Overbay and Brandon Morrow's short-lived staches as well, but I just wanted to go with the established ones.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Didn't Carlos Delgado have a stache with the jays?

    1. Tony, I believe Carlos has always been a goatee guy. But maybe he did sport one back in his early days?

  6. You have Dennis Lamp twice but forgot Dennis Debarr. Also John Scott. I don't know if Victor Cruz had a moustache with the Jays but he had a beastly one within a year or two of being moved to the Indians.

    1. I think I'm up to 122 now with Damaso Garcia, Woody Williams, Pat Hentgen, and now Dennis Debarr and John Scott. Lamp was in there a few times just because he's one of my faves ... also Buck Martinez, Cliff Johnson and Dave Stieb's in there 5 times.

  7. This is the best thing you've ever done. Just wonderful!

    1. Thanks James! I've officially jumped the proverbial moustache shark with this one.

  8. My 1983 baseball cards include staches by Garth Iorg and Steve Senteney (although the stache of the latter looks more like the upper lip fluff of a 15-year-old).

  9. Jack Morris is missing! Shame!


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