Flashback Friday: Peter Gross Stalks Dave Stieb

Friday, August 16, 2013  |  by 

My apologies for phoning in this week's Flashback Friday, but now and again your friendly neighbourhood blogger takes the odd week off on holidays.

For this week's Flashback Friday, it's another gem courtesy of Peter Gross' Youtube channel. This time, Gross caught up with Stieb during Blue Jays Spring Training in 1984. Yes, 1984.

Enjoy, friends!


  1. Ian, I'm gonna pretend you put that one up just for me.

    1. How did you know? I'm glad you enjoyed it ... Stieb actually seems quite friendly in this video (a large departure from his reputation).

    2. I caught a fielding practice ball at the Kingdome many moons ago and Stieb signed it for me. He smiled while doing so. I think the surliness was for the press more than the fans. I still have the damn ball although the signature has faded somewhat.

  2. That was awesome! I had never seen that, but grew up with Stieb as my favorite player for a long, long time. Thanks a bunch.....my face hurts from smiling now.


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