Goodnight Jays

Wednesday, August 27, 2014  |  by 

Under the big concrete dome,
There was a telephone,
And a 21 year old picture of Joe Carter jumping over the moon.

And there were four coaches sitting in the dugout,
And many frustrated players,
And a team in need of a prayer.

And many tired relievers,
And some absent believers.

And a Mune a Colby a Dickey and Buehrle,
And a fan base that was beginning to worry.

Goodnight June,
Goodnight moon,
Goodnight Joe Carter jumping over the moon.
Goodnight May,
And the pre All-Star break swoon.

Goodnight runs,
Goodnight fun,
Goodnight hits,
Goodnight wits.

Goodnight Jays,
Goodnight plays,
Goodnight reason,
And goodnight season.

Goodnight Melky,
And goodnight brush,
Goodnight nobody,
Goodnight postseason push,
And goodnight to the season that's gone to mush.

Goodnight stars,
Goodnight air,
And goodbye playoff chances, everywhere.

Adapted from Margaret Wise Brown's "Goodnight Moon". 
Incredibly sad screencaps courtesy of Sportsnet.


  1. It's too bad you couldn't fit in "a bowl full of mush" in there somewhere.

    1. Just a slight alteration! And on that note, I always thought the "mush" page was the strangest one in the book.


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